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Our partner in the Central South Pacific follows a strict and effective sashimi grading of our high-quality MSC tuna products. Fishing cycles are short and are carried out with small boats without any bycatch. The tuna is immediately processed on a daily basis and directly frozen to a core temperature of -60° C using a special air blaster.

These products have been established on the Japanese market for many years. This procedure differs from ULT tuna already frozen at sea, which is less pre-sorted. Our 1-2kg loins or saku blocks are individually vacuum-packed at origin. This guarantees the high quality.

The products are stored in Germany at ULT -60° C and are then delivered in regular deep frozen state. Being kept at this temperature level, the products have a remaining best-before date of 2-3 months whilst maintaining their good quality and colour properties.

Fresh sustainable Tuna from the Maldives

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The traditional hooks and line method used to catch yellowfin tuna by fishermen in the Maldives is both environmentally and socially sustainable.

A private landing pier guarantees efficient just-in-time handling, high processing capacities and excellent landing conditions for fishing boats delivering to our partners processing facilities.

Our high quality, eco-friendly yellowfin tuna products are processed near the international airport of Male in state-of-the-art local plants.

Continuous traceability by QR codes is a standard.